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Upcoming Events

2005-Present    Solo artist; (classical, jazz, singer-songwriter) Piano, keyboard, didgeridoo, bamboo flutes; various contexts, recitals, fundraisers, weddings, graduations, etc.

2013-2014       University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill Gamelan Ensemble; (Indonesian percussion) Member, various instruments

2012-2013       North Carolina Central University Choir; (classical, African-American spirituals) Bass, featured soloist on piano during spring choir tour

2010                The Stylus: Featuring Jackie Brown; (funk/soul) Keyboard and didgeridoo

2008-2009       Lost Roads; (acoustic rock duo) Keyboard and vocals



2008 Cristmas in Bellefonte; (solo artist) Keyboard, vocals, didgeridoo, percussion
2008 Summers Best Music Fest; (solo artist) Keyboard, bamboo flutes, didgeridoo​
2007 Christmas in Bellefonte; (solo artist) Keyboard, vocals, didgeridoo, percussion
2007 Summers Best Music Fest; (with Hot Teapots) Keyboard
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