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Didgeridoo Lessons

The termites are hungery.

Learning Venues

Interested in learning to play the didgeridoo?

Home Studio

Curious about   songwriting, composing and music technology in addition to the Didj? My home studio is outfitted with a Roland RD-700, Sibelius notation software, Sonar X3 DAW, and hundreds of professional virtual instruments from EastWest/SoundsOnline.


Is your schedule already jam-packed and you need me to come to you? I will happily make Didgeridoo house calls around the Flagstaff area (travel fees based on commute time).

Interested in learning to play the didgeridoo? I would love to help! I started “didjin'” back in ‘03, and since then I've taught privately along with classes on (bamboo) didgeridoo construction and performance at a middle school (CLC Charter School, State College PA). In addition I've incorporated the didgeridoo into several performance groups I’ve been a member of (see performance page). Additionally, I have given numerous presentations on the instrument in elementary classrooms, at fundraisers and to anyone who will lend me their ears.

To me, the Didj is the epitome of the quote attributed 
to Count Basie "If you swing, you can swing on one note." 

In an effort to further help students learn to play the didgeridoo, I bring my 20+ years of experience with the piano along with my university studies in ethnomusicology to innovate my own didgeridoo sheet music. Utilizing Western notation and the International Phonetic Alphabet, I have crafted notated exercises and songs to aid aspiring didgeridoo players. This notation system is designed as a easy introduction in learning to read music for beginners as well as giving a great visual representation for those who read sheet music.

Little Victor, age two, never too early to start didjin'! :-)

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