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Ben Ross Band
Hot Teapots
Hot Teapots
Hot Teapots
Jackie Brown
Lost Roads
The Marsh
Jackie Brown Didj


One of my favorite aspects of playing music is sharing it with others! Mountain Boogie performance philosophy is about being authentic, vulnerable, delving into the emotions of the music and letting the sounds takes on a life of their own.

In the NCCU touring Choir under the direction of the late, great, Richard Banks. 

Along the way I have had the great fortune to work with many wonderful artists, and under the direction of several musical visionaries in ensembles and bands. Only been out and about a few times since arriving in Flagstaff, but look for me getting my boogie on out of the house soon!



2005-Present: Solo artist; (classical, jazz, singer-songwriter) Piano, keyboard, didgeridoo, bamboo flutes; recitals, fundraisers, weddings, etc.


2016: Huda Thunk; (world) Keyboard, percussion and didgeridoos.


2013-2015: University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill Gamelan Ensemble; (Indonesian percussion orchestra) Member, various instruments


2012-2013: North Carolina Central University Choir; (classical, African-American spirituals) Bass, featured soloist on piano during spring choir tour


2010: The Stylus: Featuring Jackie Brown; (funk/soul) Keyboard and didgeridoo


2008-2009: Lost Roads; (acoustic rock duo) Keyboard and vocals


2007-2008: The Hot Teapots; (swing jazz/blues) Keyboard and piano


2005-2006 :The Ben Ross Band; (acoustic/alternative) Keyboard, percussion, didgeridoo and vocals

The Stylus: Featuring Jackie Brown

Gamelan Nyai Saraswati

The Hot Teapots 

Loast Roads

The Benn Ross Band 

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