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Still warming up. 

Check back soon for class descriptions and details!

Daniel "Dan the Man" C. McLean Memorial Scholarship

I met Daniel C. Mclean in 2005 when taking a beginning jazz lessons through community classes offered by the Penn State Arts and Crafts extension program. I would continue to study and learn from "Dan the Man" (as I would end up calling him) until his death in 2007 at the age of 93. A drummer for over 8 decades, he was also was proficient with mallet instruments and his knowledge of music (jazz, western classical, popular, latin, etc.) was encyclopedic. His very honest teaching style  "That sounds horrible Chuck (as he would call me), it sounds so square" initially bruised my ego. Eventually however, I found his tough love style really worked for me and I looked forward to his verbal lashings and eventually earning a smile  or word of encouragement here of there ("That's starting to swing, Chuck").


Scholarship covers lesson expense.

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